Group Art Psychotherapy

Group Art Psychotherapy sessions normally take place weekly and are focused on a particular unifying issue, for example, “siblings of special needs children”, “sufferers of depression”, “people living with chronic illness” etc.
These groups are more directed in nature by the therapist who will have a treatment plan in advance and bring the group through key element in addressing their specific difficulties.

Group therapy can be very powerful, not only is there the therapeutic element of the art making and the safe space but also there is the support of the group.

Usually, groups are put together based on the need presented and Jemma will select relevant people for group as she will have assessed each person’s therapeutic needs beforehand. Sometimes this will be done from private clients on a waiting list, where a group may be offered, sometimes in collaboration with local GP’s, local schools and local social workers, as these professionals have a great sense of what is needed in the community.

Group Art Psychotherapy sessions usually last for one and a half hours and take place weekly.