One Day Art Psychotherapy Workshops

Periodically throughout the year Jemma runs One Day Workshops in Art Psychotherapy.

Theses workshops focus on one topic, such as, “My Mandala and Me” or “Self-Image, Let’s take another look” and are experiential explorations of that topic through art making. Jemma guides these workshops quite strongly so that people have strong sense of what they are doing and feel safe in the environment of the workshop.
These workshops will give the participants an opportunity to explore the topic at their own pace and in their own creative way.

Confidentially will be maintained throughout any of these workshops, and a contract will be drawn up at the beginning between all participants to ensure and consolidate confidentiality boundaries. The work created in these workshops can be taken home by the participants or can be left with Jemma and she will dispose of these confidentially. However, there isn’t a facility to store work from once off workshops.