Corporate Programmes

Jemma develops and delivers tailor made Mental Health and Wellness programmes to businesses. These are always tailored to the individual needs of the company and the concerns that a company may have regarding the wellbeing of there employees.

When developing these programmes Jemma keeps in mind the time limitations and pressures that both a company and individual employees may be under and adapts any programme to facilitate theses needs.

Types of issues addressed for companies include;

Addressing these issues can help to ensure the health and wellness of your employees. The health, wellness and happiness of your employees is a key element in increasing productivity and reducing time lost on sick leave.

Covid-19 Related Programmes

During these particularly difficult times it is more important than ever to be aware of your employees mental health. Working from home and the reduction in socialisation and team bonding can have a negative impact on productivity over the medium to long term. 

Employees are now spending more time than ever online and on computers, outside of a structured workplace setting. This can have a negative impact on mental health. A programme including the implementation of boundaries and cyber hygiene, as well as education on the impacts of poor cyber hygiene can help to mitigate these negative impacts.

This will give your employees the tools and skillsets they need to continue to have a work//life balance and less stress, freeing them to focus on the job at hand

Jemma has completed training programmes in  the delivery of online mental health support for individuals and groups . She has also completed online training given by the NHS specifically dealing with the impact Covid-19 has had on adult and employee mental health. 

Depending on the setting and level of restrictions in place at the time of your workshop, Jemma can facilitate a small workshop of 5 – 8 people in person. This would be done under strict covid guidelines as laid out by the government. If this is not possible or if you and your company are more comfortable working remotely at this time Jemma works via Zoom with small groups ( up to 8 ), and also can deliver talks/webinars on the platform for bigger groups. 

How It Works: