About Jemma

Jemma is an Art Psychotherapist working in Tramore, Co. Waterford. She is passionate about her work and believes strongly in the healing potential of Art. Jemma has a wide base of training in mental health care, mental health hygiene, social skills development and emotional literacy training.

Jemma has a M.A hons in Art Therapy, a B.A hons in Fine Art both for Crawford College of Art and Design. Jemma is accredited by the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists (I.A.C.A.T) and adheres to a comprehensive set of ethical guidelines in her work.

Jemma specialised during her training in multiple areas. The use of the digital media as a creative tool is one area. Looking at the field of cyber-psychology Jemma also works with people on how to best utilize digital and social media in our lives to create an online offline balance. Although Jemma believes that a digital detox can be very invigorating it isn’t a long-term solution to bad habits that everyone develops with devices.
Jemma also conducted a large piece of research into Art Psychotherapy as an intervention for use with Autistic Spectrum Disorder clients. She is passionate about working in this field and believes that there is great potential for utilizing Art Psychotherapy with A.S.D.

Finally, Jemma has specialised in working with people who are struggling to cope a physical illness. Whether it is the fear of the illness, the major life changes an illness has brought with it or the difficulties of the illness itself. This is a part of life that can be exceedingly challenging. Jemma has specialised in helping people to find ways to cope with all that is happening and to process the difficult emotions that this period of time can bring up for people.

Jemma strongly believes in ongoing education in these and other fields are paramount to her ability to provide the best possible therapeutic service to her clients. Presently she is undertaking courses such as “Medicine and the Arts”, a course accredited by the Medical Humanities Department in the University of Cape Town and “ Childhood in the Digital Age”, accredited by The Open University. She also regularly attends conferences and workshops in emerging areas of mental health and wellness.