About Art Psychotherapy

What is Art Psychotherapy?

Art Psychotherapy is a form of therapy that is based in art making and expression. Art Psychotherapy encourages free expression with the art materials and can act as a link to the sub-conscious mind. Art Psychotherapy uses the creative process of art making to improve a person’s physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Using a creative artistic process as a way to express one’s-self can aid in resolving long seated issues and feelings. This type of emotional expression through art can help a person to see, manage and develop they’re behaviour’s as well as reduce-stress and improve self-esteem and awareness. Artistic expression has been shown to help people manage difficult periods of their life as well as chronic and acute mental health problems.

One of the most important principals of art psychotherapy for a client to know and understand is that being “good at art” is NOT a requirement nor is it an advantage of any kind. The focus of art therapy is on the process of making as much as it is on the feelings and emotions of looking at what that focus is bringing up for a person.

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