As with all forms of Psychotherapy, Art Therapy adheres to strict confidentiality guidelines. Jemma works to the strictest of ethical boundaries, as laid down by the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists (I.A.C.A.T), of which Jemma is a member.

All work produced in an Art Therapy session is considered to be at the same level of confidentiality as psychotherapy notes. All artwork is kept in a secured, locked cabinet. Jemma is the only person who has access to this cabinet to ensure confidentiality is maintained.
At the end of therapy the Client and Jemma go through all of the Art work and decide the best course action for each piece; to be taken home, to be disposed of in a session, to be left with Jemma to be disposed of confidentially or to be left with Jemma and stored confidentially for three years (during this time the client can request the artwork at any time, as it is their property)